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I am a paralegal.  You are an attorney.  We work together.  I can make your life easier, or harder.  You pick.  Please do not tell me how something is a "paralegal duty" when the task is truly as simple as subtracting the beginning of a bates range from the ending of a bates range to determine how many pages there are in the range...duh.  You did the majority of this simplistic and logical task then handed it off to me, and when I didn't complete your task you assigned at 1:44 p.m., within moments, you might want to consider I am redacting 26,000 pages of Excel spreadsheets for you.  I've been doing it, nearly 8 hours a day since Tuesday of last week.  For you. 

When you send me a condescending email regarding the above and eluding I do not complete my work and do not support you, do not be surprised when I come into  your office, shut the door, and tell you I have an issue with said email.  

To top it off, you come into my office and tell me how you will not be spoken to in such a "tone", and that you are considerate of my need to try to leave work on time to deal with issues regarding my son; and that you don't require me to work after hours or on weekends and I should be more respectful.

*blink, blink"

Newsflash...I don't have "issues" with my son.  I like to spend TIME with my son.  It's called being a parent. 

Further, YOU don't REQUIRE me to work after hours or weekends.  If I want to be nice, I'll offer to spend after hours or weekend hours helping you out.  I will be paid overtime for it.  But otherwise, I have another job on the weekends, and I have a life.  It goes back to "I am a paralegal.  You are an attorney.  We work together.  I can make your life easier, or harder.  You pick." 

Humpf...no wonder attorneys have the reputation they do, and ugh...who talked me into this job???

Date: 2008-05-07 02:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] suba-al-hadid.livejournal.com
Glad to hear you standing up for yourself. Hugs that you had to do it.



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