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When I came home on Thursday I found a couple interesting items in my mail (which is delivered through a slot in my door). Because these items were not in an envelope, and obviously not delivered via the USPS,  I inquired of a couple of my neighbors if they had received the same. They had not.

So what were these items you ask? They are obviously xerox copies and are of an advertisement for a performance at what used to be known as Deemer Beach (it no longer exists). Oneof the papers show the front of the card and the other piece of paper has the back side of the card has two poems or lyrics to songs.  The lyrics are just below and the scans are at the bottom of this entry :

Long Ago

Long ago and far away, 
I dreamed a dream one day and now, 
That dream is here beside me.
Long the skies were overcast,
But now the clouds have passed
You're here at last.
Chills run up and down my spine, 
Aladdin's lamp is mine.
The dream I dreamed was not denied  me,
Just one look and then I knew,
That all I longed for long ago was you.


I Love You

"I love you"
Hums the April breeze,
"I love you" 
Echo the hills.
"I love you" 
The golden dawn agrees,
as once more she sees daffodils,
It's spring again,
And birds on the wing again,
Start to sing again,
The old melody,
"I love you"
That's the song of songs,
And it all belongs to you and me,
And it all belongs to you and me.

There is no indication or notation of who slipped them through my door. I have my own idea but of course no way to confirm or deny.

It's just very curious.   I would definitely like to know where this was found though.

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